10 most popular Indian dishes in the UK

Think of your most favourite Indian dish. Some have become so popular over the years that they’re pretty much marked as an English dish. Year on year thousands of Brits order Indian take out, go to Indian restaurants & cook Indian recipes. So out of all that, what are the most popular Indian dishes in the UK?

10 – Bhuna 

Most popular Indian Dishes in the UK - Bhuna

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Bhuna translates as ‘to be fried’. The collection of spices are fried off first, then the meat is added to cook in its own juices.It’s a medium spice, thick sauce with common vegetables such as onion added.

9 – Madras 

Most popular indian dishes in the uk - Madras

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Madras is a Curry that offers slightly more of a kick. It’s usually made with a paste of spices & tomatoes. The name Madras was actually made in British Indian restaurants as the dish was altered over time.

8 – Chole

Chole - popular indian dishes in the UK

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If we were listing the vegetarian most popular Indian Dishes in the UK, Chole would be fighting for the top spot. Chole is a thick sauce made with spicy chickpeas, perfect for increasing your protein levels if you’re a non-meat-eater!

7 – Korma

korma - most popular indian dishes in the uk

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Korma is commonly known as another of the ‘British Indian Dishes’ as so much about the sauce has been adapted to suit or tastes. This is one for those of us who choose sweet over spice. It’s a creamy sauce including ingredients such as garlic, ginger, plenty of sugar & quite often Coconut.

6 – Rogan Josh 

most popular indian dishes in the uk - rogan josh

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Rogan Josh is a dish traditionally made with Lamb, a range of fantastic spices & yogurt. It’s become an increasingly popular dish in Britain, especially since the sauce has started to be made with chicken & other proteins.

5 – Tandoori Chicken 

most popular dishes in the UK tandoori chicken

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Tandoori Chicken is more on demand than ever before it’s even become a popular sandwich filler in the UK. The meat & even some of the vegetables is marinated in Tandoori spices & yogurt & then usually grilled before adding the sauce. The meat is cooked best (and most traditionally) in a Tandoor oven.

4 – Chaat

Most popular indian dishes in the UK - Chaat

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The UK has gone wild for Chaat! In bigger cities, especially London, there are street vendors everywhere selling a huge verity of Chaat in the UK – just as they do in India.

3 – Butter Chicken 

most popular indian dishes in the UK butter chicken

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Butter chicken is a beautiful recipe which works as both a spicy and mild dish. It’s traditionally a lightly spiced Punjabi dish with few vegetables. This dish usually consists of thick chunks of chicken & finely chopped white onion.

2 – Chicken Tikka Masala 

most popular indian dishes - masala

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It has been found that over 48 recipes for chicken tikka masala exist, every one being different in it’s own way. It’s a lightly spiced dish but has been known to have a huge variation of flavours, usually depending on preference. Up until recently, Chicken Tikka Masala was the most popular dish in the whole of the UK.

1 – Jalfrezi 

most popular indian dishes in the UK - Jalfrezi

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Turns out, Brits have decided they like a dish with a kick. Jalfrezi (most commonly chicken) has taken the top spot out of all the most popular Indian dishes in the UK. It’s traditionally a thicker, dryer sauce with a higher heat including thick cut onions, bell peppers & chilli.