Unmissable Indian side dishes

Indian Side dishes are so unbelievably underrated. Everyone has the most popular & ‘obvious’ go-to dishes. For example, Onion Bhajis, Samosas or perhaps Bombay Potatoes. But if you consider yourself a foodie and need to try a bit of everything, there are 5 Indian Side Dishes you simply cannot miss out on.

1 – Chana Masala

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Chana, or Chole Masala is a really popular Street Food, known well for being available from vendors all over the country. It’s a chickpea dick available in a number of different flavours and sauces. Ideal if you’re looking for a side which will fill you up but keeps things low carb.


2 – Prantha 

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If you’re looking to take a twist on your Naan Bread, Prantha is without a doubt the way to go. Also known as Paratha, it’s a bread made up of a number of different layers and oils to create a much thicker texture.


3 – Aloo Gobi

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Aloo Gobi is a seriously low fat and delicious side. It’s served in a mild yet beautifully thick sauce. As it’s made with potatoes & cauliflower, two fairly bland vegetables, it allows you to truly appreciate the spices and flavours of the sauce.


4 – Tarka Daal 

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Tarka Daal is a thick, almost soup like side dish. It’s one of the Indian side dishes that goes with almost anything. It is made with split peas, turmeric & cumin, giving it a delicate, signature Indian taste.


5 – Mutter Paneer

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Mutter Paneer is a truly unique side. If you love cheese, this is a dish you simply cannot miss. It’s made up of peas, a special & unique Indian cheese & it’s all cooked to perfection in a Masala sauce.