The science behind Indian food recipes

So a bunch of scientist who obviously just love to eat got together to try to figure out why Indian Food Recipes are known for making the most perfect food known to man kind. That’s right, Indian food is just so wonderful that even the science guys needed to know ‘Why’?

Over 2,500 recipes were tested and it turns out, that Indian food is just the most wonderful, magical thing. Why? Well, unlike many other food groups, like for example more Western food, none of the ingredients in each of the Indian Food Recipes contain matching “Flavour Compounds”.

Indian Food Recipes 1

A Flavour Compound is what makes up the taste in each ingredient. In easier terms, it’s what gives each ingredient it’s distinct taste – whether that be sweet, spicy or sour.

Indian Food Recipes 2

Whereas many other cultures tend to play it safe in terms of matching up hot, sweet & spicy flavours, Indian food recipes get their distinct taste from matching up ingredients that come from almost opposite flavour compounds, also known as “negative food pairing”.

Indian Food Recipes 3

Around 194 ingredients go into Indian Recipes in an endless number of combinations. Each ingredient falls into a different category – whether it be Herbs, Spices, Meat, Seeds etc. Each and every ingredient is hand picked and placed into each Indian Recipe to make the perfect combination for that dish.

Indian Food Recipes 5

So as it turns out, putting a seemingly unflattering & almost random set of flavours & compounds together works to create a truly unforgettable taste.