Punjabi Cuisine

Punjabi cuisine is often associated with food from the Punjab region of both India and Pakistan. This Punjabi cuisine has a rich tradition. Distinctively Punjabi cuisine is best known for its rich and buttery flavours along with extensive vegetarian and meat dish choices.

The Punjab region is the birth place of the Tandoori style of cooking. There are many distinct and local ways of cooking Punjabi cuisine to consider. One style is a particular style of tandoori cooking that has now become famous in other parts of India, the UK, in Canada and also in many other parts of the world.

The Punjab Province was formerly a province of British India. Following the 1947 partition of India, the Punjab Province was divided between modern day India and Pakistan. A further two states were later added in the 1960s – these were in the form of Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

The Punjabi word derives from an amalgamation of the words ‘punj’, which means five, and ‘ab’, which means water. The Punjab is also often referred to as ‘The Land of Five Rivers’.

Food from the Punjab region

Its affluent agricultural history is based around the water-ways of the region. This is said to be what originally attracted other nations to form colonies in the area in the past. This regional heritage has not only contributed to the cooking style and to the food traditions, but it has also produced many other significant cultural pieces of great interest. This includes the hugely popular Bhangra style of dance, as well as music and Punjabi poetry.

Locally grown, staple foods are what form the major part of the local choice of cuisine. This local cuisine of the Punjab region has been heavily influenced by the agriculture and farming lifestyles prevalent all the way back to the times of the ancient Harappan Civilization.

With such a rich and diverse cultural heritage, the Punjab has produced some of the world’s best contributions to modern cooking. This style, attitude, tradition and, above all, unbeatable flavour, has influenced and inspired many Indian/Punjabi chefs and restaurants from around the world. These amazing dishes are largely like the history of the region – diverse and varied.

Dishes which originate from the Punjab region include these very popular dishes: pakoras, rogan josh, butter chicken, tikka dishes and naan.

Basmati rice is the indigenous rice crop of the Punjab region. Many varieties of rice dishes have been developed from this crop variety. The cooked Basmati rice is known as Chol in the Punjabi language. Many vegetable and meat based dishes are developed for this type of rice. Speak to our chefs or table crew for more.

Rich and diverse cultural heritage