Our story

EastzEast began with humble roots, when two brothers - Ash and Mushy - set out to realise their dreams. Both passionate about Indian cuisine and the city of Liverpool, the pair decided to combine their passions...

Keen to bring authentic and quality Punjabi cuisine to Liverpool, the two Bradford born and bred brothers opened their Liverpool restaurant in 2012. Following their success at their Manchester restaurant, opened in 2008, the pair set their sights on a Liverpool location. They share a love of the city’s culture and the longstanding and rich history surrounding it - from the famous football teams to the iconic Beatles. They wanted to contribute to this varied and diverse culture, and so they created EastzEast.

With hard work, ambition and vision, they created great success at their Liverpool restaurant. Today they continue to serve up deliciously spiced and aromatic dishes. Focusing on locally sourced fresh and quality ingredients, Ash and Mushy work with a number of local suppliers and support a variety of small Liverpudlian businesses. With two restaurants to their name, the Liverpool based EastzEast seats 300 across two floors and boasts a state of the art modern kitchen.

Locals and people from further afield flock to the restaurant to enjoy the authentic food, stylish decor and buzzing atmosphere. Gaining quite a reputation, the brothers are well known for their delicious Punjabi dishes, and continue to enrich the lives of many with their beautiful and moreish cuisine.

The Story